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It was documented but in a odd way. If you look at the programming manual at the end of the instruction set description there is RESTART or hardware reset. Executing that opcode ($3E) will set the I and F bits in the CCR, clear the DPR and fetch the reset vector. This is essentially what happens when one pushes the reset button or issues a $3E opcode.


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>A further interesting note is that this is a rare case where the 6809 is NOT
>emulated correctly by the 6309, presumably because Motorola did not document
>the $3E opcode.  In the 6309, it gets vectored to the 'illegal opcode'
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>> Interesting note is the 6809 has a restart opcode. Issuing an opcode of $3E
>> will will force the processor to load the RESET vector and start execution
>> again.
>> hope this helps
>> james
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