[Coco] Phoenix IDE beta snapshot

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Feb 6 23:10:40 EST 2011

I'm behind on releasing Phoenix, so I need to make the snapshots 
available as I'm approaching the official 1.0 release.  I've been 
getting too many requests for "something" to be released, so here it is.

A PDF launching bug showed up tonight and it's too late to dig into 
that.  The PDF files should launch in the tabs but they are launching 
in external windows from the installed copy of the IDE.  You can also 
open anything that Internet Explorer can launch or display.

Without giving a seminar here about how IDEs work and what to expect 
from Phoenix...the concept is to allow any file to be loaded and 
optionally edited, processed by a "builder", and merged into the 
final image or object file, etc.  A CoCo project can easily build 
files and place them on a virtual disk or disks for releasing as a 
ready to run product, as as how I make Projector-3.

~ Roger Taylor

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