[Coco] Huge cyclone to hit Queensland

Nick Marentes nickma at optusnet.com.au
Tue Feb 1 22:49:16 EST 2011

We've just been through the worst floods to hit our state and 2 weeks 
after that event, we are about to experience the biggest cyclone to hit 
our state (and possibly Australia).

Have a look at this radar website to see what it looks like.


Where am I? Thankfully "just" south of it.

I think if your enter 28 deg 44 min S , 152 deg 38 min E into the the 
map co-ordinates fields, this will show you where I (and Bob Devries) is.

As you can see, we should miss out by "the skin of our teeth"!

Sorry for the non CoCo related post...well...it is CoCo related in that 
2 well known CoCo users may be effected.  :)


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