[Coco] Coco2 on eBay without Extended Color Basic ?

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Fri Oct 29 16:44:38 EDT 2010

I actually bought one on clearance that was configured the same way as this 
back in 85 or 86 (except it was NTSC) - can't remember which year 85/86. It 
only had standard BASIC, so I ordered an upgrade from CRC. Of course the one 
I bought way back then may have been a different catalog number than the 
26-3127B, but it had the 74LS785 and 6847T1 - it's been a lot of years. Note 
the seller states that the warranty seal is still intact on this machine as 

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> On 10/29/10, Fedor Steeman wrote:
>> Looking at the startup screen, I can see that it only has Color Basic, 
>> not
>> Extended! But weren't all these CoCo2 models equipped with Extended? 
>> Could
>> someone have swapped the ROMs or is it perhaps defect? I may have some 
>> spare
>> ROM for it, if I would go for it.
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> I would say that it is somewhat odd.  The catalog number on the bottom
> is 26-3127B.  That number refers to a 64K Extended Basic machine.  I
> have a couple of those, and in both cases there is a single 16K
> combined ROM soldered to the motherboard (no socket).
> The last CoCo 2 models that came with only Color Basic were the
> 26-3134A and 26-3134B and had 16K of factory RAM.
> Darren
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