[Coco] Coco video out.

Mark Ormond markormond at mtxsystems.com
Sat Oct 23 22:38:09 EDT 2010

Just sitting here having a few beers with the soldering iron out.

(Adding the switches for the rom selector. I'm hiding them under the cart port.
1 SPST selects chip enable, turn it off and no more built in dos rom.
2 SPST select 16k bank
3 DPDT with off position, select lower 32k region with no autostart (pins 7 and 8 on the cart), select upper bank with no autostart, and select upperbank with autostart.

Coconet and Drivewire on the lower half, Dungeons Of Daggaroth / Arkanoid on the top half.

At least this is what I hope it will do when I'm done.

Was trying to add video and audio out to the same daughter board while I was at it. I can come back and add that later.
Have fun and enjoy the family.


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Hey, all of that was my Son's so I'll have to go have a look at it. I'll get 
right back with you. John is finally home but him and his cousins are 
spending some time together. I was so happy to see the kid :) Let me have a 
look and see if he may have mixed something up when he put them into EAGLE 
from the hand drawn ones. I think they were tested on the CoCo 1 which has 
the MC1372 on the mobo... John assumed they'd work with the CoCo 2 which has 
the 1372 in the RF can - let me check and i'll get back to you. I am sitting 
here putting together a data separator out of  flip-flops, VCO and phase 
detector (the 9216B's seem hard for me to find so i'm looking at a discrete 
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> This one is for John.
> I tried your video out circuit tonight, twice. :)
> I used a darlington and also tried the 2 npn circuits and got nothing out 
> of my coco2b.
> I double checked myself using your schematics and also download the brd 
> files to triple check myself.
> I am drawing the 5v and ground from the empty 4464 sockets and tapping pin 
> 12 of the mc1372 located in the rf modulator.
> When the circuit is connected I lose tv out also.
> Anything special about this model over the older ones?
> Thanks,
> Later,
> dabone
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