[Coco] Drivewire vs Coconet Can anyone tell me a reason to use one over the other?

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Fri Oct 22 00:30:53 EDT 2010

Mark, I forgot to mention - do not install the autoexec jumper on those 
cartridge boards for CoCoNet and DriveWire. Extended Color BASIC will see 
the "DK" as the first two bytes of the ROM and install it as a Disk BASIC - 
the autoexec jumper should therefore not be fitted.
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> ""If you need any help in "bulding" a bankable eprom from a 27C256, give 
> me a yell - I can help you get one going. Come to think of it, it would 
> probably work really well in the Blank Cartridge boards that my son made 
> and sells.
> Or if you have an FDC with a 28-pin socket, even better. If your FDC has a 
> 24-pin socket, get in touch with Mark Marlette and get one of his 24 to 28 
> pin socket adapters - they're great pieces of hardware.
> Big John""
> I just got a couple of your adapters in, that's what I'm using.
> I'm using 27512 because I have about a hundred of them laying around and 
> nothing else.
> I'm trying 4 banks of 16k using this, with 2.2k resistors between vcc and 
> pins 27 and 1. Grounding pin one selects between upper and lower half of 
> the chip and pin 27 selects between 16k banks in each half.
> As for what I see about coconet vs drivewire, is drivewire is much easier 
> for someone to just pick a game and play using a few click of the mouse 
> and then turn on the machine, but coconet offers much more in the way of 
> control from the coco side. (Kind of like the megacart vs final expansion 
> 3 on the vic20.)
> I got my roms burned for both, but can't get either to load a disk, I keep 
> getting I/O errors.
> (Tried 2 serial cables, one short and one long. Also it is really required 
> to bring the loop backs from the pc side and join them on the coco side? 
> If so that is my problem, as I only had some 6 conductor cable.)
> It's been a rough 24 hours so I'll try to come back to this tomorrow after 
> the funeral, I tackled it tonight to get my mind off things.
> Thanks..
> Later,
> dabone
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