[Coco] Wow - EDTASM + Cart Only $129

Jeremy Michea jmichea at cogeco.ca
Wed Oct 20 08:08:18 EDT 2010

There are a lot of coco auctions on ebay, especially rompaks, that are grossly overpriced and they just seem to sit there. I don't know why people don't just start auctions at 99 cents and let the free market dicate what its worth.

As was mentioned though, these type of sellers are waiting for "suckers". Those who have no idea the value and see one of these and think its rare and valuable and must be worth the price and if they really want it enough well. . .

As for prototypes, I can't say for sure but as an Atari 2600 and general retro gaming collector, I can say that some prototypes can be worth quite a bit of money. Some aren't. It all depends. Many times "loaner" carts are found in the wild and are simply finished products that testers took home and forgot about and they find their way into thrift stores and pawnshops.

I would think though that the coco, being a more obscure platform and it would seem to me any prototype would be much rarer, you indeed have a gem on your hands.

Determining actual worth though would be beyond my ability to figure out though. Sounds like a great piece of coco history though :)

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