[Coco] Hosting for CoCo Projects - Can Anyone Help???

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Tue Oct 19 06:21:53 EDT 2010

Thanks Bob - yes, I knew that it would have to be customized to match the 
hardware. Boisy suggested last week that I contact RadiSys directly, which I 
intend to do after John is back and settled in. I have the Atari 68K OS-9 as 
well, but I was hoping to find an MM/1 version (since the specs for that 
particular machine are available... I figured I could work with that). Of 
course, my son's design uses the 68008 which will likely make the task even 
more difficult... just because of the way the 68008 has to access the 
memory. This also brings to light another reason for wanting to get this 
stuff up and online.... by making every facet of the design public, I am 
hoping there will be folks out there who will be able to help get it going. 
In lieu of an actual operating system, it will at least be able to run a 
version of Lee Davison's Enhanced BASIC (see here: 

In addition to getting the 68K card going, John needs to get the BIOS 
finished for his CP/M card. So, hopefully, getting this online as well will 
help get it finished too.

Interestingly... I had given up my Vintage Computing Hobby (after passing 
everything to Little John), but when my Son needed me to help him with some 
of his designs ... well, I got hooked... no better drug than the CoCo, ay?

Thanks all, and may God bless you all ... you guys are great. - Big John

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> John,
> regarding obtaining OS9/68K, please be aware that each issue of OS9/68K is 
> specifically coded for the machine for which it was sold.
> Hence I have three copies; OS9/68K personal for the Atari 1040, OS9/68K 
> Professional for the SECAD AS-68K, and OS9/68K Professional for the IMS 
> MM/1.
> In all of these the OS9Boot files are quite different, although the files 
> in the CMDS and SYS directories are similar making due allowance for the 
> versions; (2.1 and 2.4), the rest is quite different.
> For my SECAD computer, I was sent the source code for the drivers etc 
> which were written by the guy who designed the computer. Sadly, neither 
> the Atari nor the MM/1 versions have that.
> It is in my view an enormous task to port OS9 to another platform (which 
> the designer of the SECAD did) without the necessary source code to do the 
> port.
> At this moment I am endevouring to write just one driver (for an ATA IDE 
> disk drive). It was an accomplishment in itself just getting the 
> information required, and then writing a test programme to see which 
> information was correct. That was written in 68000 assembler, as is the 
> driver. And my 68K assembler is SO rusty [GRIN].
> Just my $0.02
> Regards, Bob Devries
> Dalby, QLD, Australia
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