[Coco] Phoenix progress

Paul Fitch pfitchjr at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 16 12:33:09 EDT 2010

Roger, can you talk about the text editor for the IDE?

Ie, what languages, if any, does it know about.  As in, will it do indenting
if I'm using C, or how about, DECB or Basic09.  Does it know the keywords of
the Coco and OS9 languages? 

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> Today I decided to try going seamlessly from CoCo ML source 
> code to a tape file audio stream and noticed that my 
> cocotape.exe program won't output the audio when being called 
> from the Phoenix IDE.  Although CoCoTape is still incomplete, 
> I have plans to rewrite it but not in the current HLA 
> language.  Instead of getting side-tracked on that project 
> right now I chose to just use the -o=output.wav syntax of 
> CoCoTape and then tell the IDE to use another tool to play 
> the generated wave file.  It worked great.
> At this time, Phoenix can have up to 6 chained builders/tools 
> operating on a source file and it's subsequent object files.  
> Whatever object is output from the previous file can be fed 
> into another builder.
> I just opened my main.asm program, set the object file to be 
> main.bin, set the 2nd project file as main.bin and the 
> builder as cocotape.exe, and the 3rd project file to be 
> main.wav with the builder wv_player.exe.  Bing.  Source code 
> to a CLOADM'able file in less than a second.  On the CoCo 
> you'd just type CLOADM or CLOAD depending on the type of 
> program being written.
> This was just a first trial run of that idea.  Why support 
> such an unpopular loading method?  Because sometimes it's the 
> only way.  It would give yet another quick way of getting 
> software onto a CoCo that only has cassette cable.
> You could also just do this with existing binary or BASIC programs:
> 1st project file [mygame.bin]
> build process: cocotape.exe mygame.bin -o=mygame.wav
> 2nd project file [mygame.wav]
> build process: wv_player.exe mygame.wav
> Type CLOADM on your CoCo and click GO from the IDE and it's 
> done.  This is a perfect audio stream that none of my CoCos 
> have complained about yet.
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