[Coco] Ebay chuckle of the day

Roger Merchberger zmerch-coco at 30below.com
Mon Oct 11 23:01:54 EDT 2010

On 10/11/2010 09:49 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday, October 11, 2010 09:48:00 pm Rob Rosenbrock did opine:
>> Is that 1200 baud?
> Doubtful, 300 I believe, and not at all capable of dealing with line
> distortions.

Depends on the distortions... ;-) "back in the day" I was able to 
whistle several different characters into my 300 baud modem. I was 
"bummed" that I could only get one pegged for my 1200 baud modem, and I 
tried, failed, and got really dizzy in the process ;-) trying to produce 
characters whistling into my 2400 baud modem.

I didn't have a Modem IB, tho - I had the little white CoCo specific 
300baud modem of the time (with the red bar-button); I can't remember 
the model # for it, tho.

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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