[Coco] Coco Digest, Vol 90, Issue 6

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Wed Oct 6 22:04:43 EDT 2010

Hey all,
I noticed this request for CoCo Software on Genuine 5.25" Floppy Diskettes. 
My son has tons of 5.25" DSDD floppies that have CoCo software on them. 
These disks were bought by me a very long time ago, sometime in the 90's 
when I still used the CoCo on a daily basis. They (the disks) came with a 
lot of CoCo Stuff that I bought in Atlanta from a fellow I met at the 
Atlanta Fest in 1990. We kept in touch and then sometime around 1994-1996 - 
I don't remember now, the man had celebrated his 89th birthday and bought 
himself a PC - so he sold me all of his CoCo Stuff. His name was Harold - 
that's all I can recall, other than I had written a machine language program 
for him that I called "print speak" - what it did was to cause the 
Speech/Sound Cartridge to SPEAK anything that was sent to the printer. 
Basically, PRINT#-2,"HELLO" would cause the speech/sound cartridge to say 
"HELLO". Printing from a word processor or anything would cause it to be 
spoken - it could also be printed while being spoken. If anyone is 
interested I can dig out this old program and upload it somewhere along with 
the source code (i plan to include it in the book i am writing). Anyway, 
back to the subject -  These disks were bundled together and have no write 
notch. I assumed they were blank and so simply stored them - I figured a 
write-notch punched in and I'd be able to use them if I ever needed them. 
Anyway, my son discovered recently (some 15 or so years after the fact) that 
these diskettes in fact do contain software for the CoCo. This led to the 
assumption that Harold was an Orphanware distributor for the club he was a 
member of and therefore must have had a drive that did not require the write 
notch. Unfortunatly, this drive or disk duplicator or whatever he was using 
was not included in the purchase. Anyway, my son has been selling these for 
up to $3 each, sometimes much cheaper. So, if anyone needs software on 
genuine 5.25" floppy diskettes, send me a list and I'll go thru the disks 
and see what's there (John sorted a lot of them, bless his heart). I really 
do not know what they are worth - I know they have zero collectibility value 
and so I'm thinking maybe $2 each with exact cost for shipping - hopefully 
this isn't too outrageous, but given that these disks are getting harder to 
find each year I would think $2 would be acceptable - but feel free to tell 
me otherwise - I'm also thinking that if you need disk images transferred to 
5.25" diskettes that If you email me the disk images, I'll provide the 
diskettes and write the images also for the same $2 cost (i'll use disks 
that have the notch already, or i'll punch notches in these as I do not have 
a drive that can write to them without the notch). That's $1 for the disk 
and $1 labor charge. Now, if you provide the diskettes, I'll do the transfer 
for $1 and return them for exact shipping.

So to recap that long winded huge paragraph, I basically am wondering:
Is it too outrageous a price to ask $2 for disk image transfer to disks if I 
provide the disks or $1 if you provide the disks? I don't want to overcharge 
anyone and I know most people these days use DriveWire or CoCoNet or some 
other alternative and don't need real disks - I am offering this for those 
who have no means to do the transfer to real floppies and need this service. 
If this is acceptable feel free to contact me here at my Son's email address 

God Bless You Guys (I am a believer) - John's Father, also John

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> anyone have any game cart that have been transferred to real 5.25 disks am 
> also looking for a copy of pakdude (I have a paypal account)
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