[Coco] Assembly Language Question

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Fri Oct 1 19:45:30 EDT 2010

Thanks Darren - It's actually kind of a funny story as to how I figured it 
out - when I wrote it first in BASIC (the one that worked correctly), I 
referenced the Disk EDTASM+ manual for the Memory Locations. When I wrote 
the Assembly Version, I referenced the unravelled series. That's where I got 
crossed up. After I posted this to the list, I backtracked - looked at the 
Disk EDTASM manual and found my error.

You guys are great - it's nice to be able to ask a question about something 
as simple as this little joystick routine and not be ridiculed for writing 
something so simple. (and not being able to get it going)

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> On 10/1/10, Little John  wrote:
>> Okay, I am about to go nuts here:
>> I was attempting to create a SHOULD BE VERY SIMPLE routine to sample the
>> joystick pots.
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> The Unravelled books and Getting Started with Color Basic both
> document the joystick addresses incorrectly.  They should be:
> 015A:   Right Joystick Horizontal
> 015B:   Right Joystick Vertical
> 015C:   Left Joystick Horizontal
> 015D:   Left Joystick Vertical
> Darren
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