[Coco] Drivewire help needed

Jeremy Michea jmichea at cogeco.ca
Mon Oct 18 15:21:38 EDT 2010

Hello I'm hoping to get some help from the community with a little drivewire problem I've been having. 

I've been using drivewire just fine using the cassette cable method of getting the HDB-DOS rom loaded but got tired of the constant loading so I ordered and recieved the rompak version of HDB-DOS today.
I loaded up my coco 3 with the rompak and then I loaded up drivewire as I usually do and loaded a virtual disk as I've done many times before, but now the drivewire server gives me a steady stream of "checksum" errors like this:

2010-10-18 13:24:56 OP_READEX[0] LSN[614] Checksum[26101] Error[0]
2010-10-18 13:24:56 OP_READEX[0] LSN[615] Checksum[29408] Error[0]
2010-10-18 13:24:56 OP_READEX[0] LSN[616] Checksum[25969] Error[0]
2010-10-18 13:24:56 OP_READEX[0] LSN[617] Checksum[26288] Error[0]

I went back and tried the cassette cable method of loading the DOS and got the same checksum errors. I then dug out another coco 3 and with both methods of loading DOS I get the same errors. So I thought perhaps its the USB-to-9pin serial adaptor I have even though it has worked fine with drivewire up to this point.

I then tried an older PC with a built in 9 pin serial port, which again, has worked just fine with drivewire in the past. Same thing using 2 different coco's, two different methods of loading DOS, and two different windows XP based PC's.

I've checked the control panel and the settings for the serial port and tried different settings such as 115,200 baud but no settings on either PC gave different results, just a steady stream of checksum errors.

So in short I've tried:

2 different coco 3's (128k and 512k)
2 different windows XP machines
2 different methods of loading DOS

The only constant I can think of is the drivewire cable itself but again, its been flawless up to this point. 

Any suggestions or opinions are very welcome.


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