[Coco] My Coco BBS

C.W. cwgordon at carolina.rr.com
Mon Oct 18 09:22:28 EDT 2010

Even though my BBS is not ENTIRELY Color Computer-oriented, I still have as
much Coco information as I've been able to collect. I have archives of
nearly all the Coco magazines (in PDF format), LOTS of the manuals for Coco
hardware and software (in PDF format), a great deal of the available
software (.dsk, .cas, & .ccc formats-as soon as I get finished sorting this
out), and anything else I could get ahold of (thanks to Little John for his
dedicated and time consuming assistance). 

What I'm doing here (besides inviting you to visit my site) is see if I can
get anyone to donate a picture or two of their Coco setup, showing all the
familiar (and unfamiliar) Tandy/Radio Shack equipment, and any other Coco
related hardware/software. I want to use these pictures as a "slide-show" on
my sites home page (with credits, of course-I won't claim that it's all

If you have any digital pics you'd like to share, I'd love to post them. The
only limit is the size, which is a MAXIMUM of 480x300 pixels. Anything
larger will have to be resized, and that might make it hard to make out

My private email address is cwgordon at carolina.rr.com. I appreciate anyone
who will help out, and I look forward to having any visitors to my html BBS
and my "old-style" telnet BBS.

Thanks, and God bless,
"PapaBill" C.W. Gordon

*Square One Christian BBS
web-access:    http://www.sq1bbs.com/index.php
telnet access: telnet://sq1bbs.com

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