[Coco] NEW Edit DSK

Luis Fernandez luis45ccs at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 23 20:12:18 EST 2010

Friends do not understand English well and I am new to the list
may not have to do with what people are saying

but in two weeks I built a utility built into windows to see and review DSK
I saw no good
toolshed does many things but commands

Soon the publishes

The 0.8 beta

COCO copy of PC and vice versa, by dragging and dropping
Formats, desfracmenta, orders DSK.

FAT Check Errors

SEE Track and Sectors like coconut green screen

BAS Convert BIN to ASC and vice versa

View and edit text DSK

View and edit HEX DSK

Delete PC and DSK

COMING OS9 and NITRO, 40 tarck, 80 tack and DD

If anyone wants me in evidence and I accept improvements

If you know a better Please specify

I did it because they got nothing better 		 	   		  

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