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On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Luis Fernandez <luis45ccs at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Amigos no entiendo bien ingles y soy nuevo en la listatal vez no tenga que ver con lo que estan diciendo
> pero he construido en dos semanas una utilidad integrada en windows para ver y revisar DSKno vi ninguna buenatoolshed hace muchas cosas pero en comandos
> Proximamente la publicare
> Esta en fase beta 0,8
> Copia de PC COCO y viceversa, arrastrando y soltandoFormatea , desfracmenta, ordena DSK.
> Revisa errores de FAT
> VER Track Y sectors como en coco pantalla verde
> Convierte BAS BIN a ASC y viceversa
> Ve y edita textos en DSK
> View and edit HEX DSK
> Borra PC y DSK
> PROXIMAMENTE OS9 y NITRO, 40 tarck, 80 tack y DD

Hablo espanol solo un poco, pero suena bien para mi :)

>> Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 01:49:03 -0500
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>> To: coco at maltedmedia.com
>> Subject: Re: [Coco] dw 3
>> >
>> > My thoughts exactly. A lot of this is possible via toolshed but it would be
>> > nice. :-) While I'm dreaming (:-)) it would be nice to be able use the ide
>> I think this is already all possible using the dw4 mode.  If it is
>> not, I will do everything I can to make it possible and easy for you,
>> but I need to understand what is desired.  I am struggling here :)
>> > or scsi version of hdbdos and still have access to drivewire disks. Alas, I've
>> > mentioned that to Boisy and his response was along the line of no way, ain't
>> > happening. (then he spent the next 15min going into painful detail on why it
>> > couldn't happen.) I'm sure I'll be set straight if I'm wrong but the primary
>> > issue had to do with the size of the rom. My contention is that a coco3 comes
>> > with 128K of ram with only 64K available directly via rs/hdb dos. The superide
>> > comes with 4 virtual roms and the ability to access 256 "floppies" or more
>> >  directly from a CF card. I often think that with creative page switching of ram
>> > that it can all be loaded in ram and the drivewire/ide/scsi parts of the code
>> > switched in and out as needed. Of course as time goes on when using my actual
>> > coco at home I tend to use drivewire and when away from home the CF card so it's
>> > more of a hassle then anything.
>> >
>> This is a limitation, but there are ways to deal with it.  What I do
>> with the SuperIDE is to put HDBDOS for harddrives in rom slot 0 and
>> HDBDOS for DriveWire in slot 3.  On power up, we are in hard drive
>> mode.  I have a tiny basic program on disk 0 of the DECB partition on
>> the CF card that switches to the HDBDOS for DW:
>> 10 poke &hff59,3
>> 20 poke 113,0
>> 30 dload
>> Now, if I want to use DW in OS9, I just power on and type DOS.. my OS9
>> system loads off the superide's CF card and loads the DW drivers.  If
>> I want to use DW in BASIC (or boot OS9 from DW), i power on and type:
>> RUN"DW"  (the program above).  The ROM is switched to HDBDOS/DW and
>> the coco resets instantly.  Ready to go in DW mode.
>> The only situation this doesn't allow is copying from drivewire disks
>> to superIDE/cf disks in BASIC.  In OS9, you can do this easily.  There
>> is a way to mount your DECB disk partition under OS9 and then copy the
>> DriveWire disks to CF slots, which would solve the problem if I could
>> figure out how to make that trick work :)
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