[Coco] What would a CoCo successor have to have as a minimum?

Steve Bjork 6809er at srbsoftware.com
Tue Nov 23 01:30:02 EST 2010

On 11/21/2010 1:18 PM, Mark McDougall wrote:
> We don't have 250MHz to play with on an FPGA. We have ~25MHz atm. I 
> haven't checked your maths but assuming you're in the ballpark we're 
> now at 15 times per second. Most arcade games run at least 30fps, 
> better is 60fps. And you're only looking at the CPU blatting a frame 
> buffer in that time...
Every game for the arcade that I have work on or taken apart was 60 
FPS.  This made the graphics smooth.

Now, most of my CoCo game never ran at 60 FPS because of the speed of 
the coco and the work that was needed per game frame.  But the CoCo was 
design to be a cheap home computer that could do many things.  An arcade 
game (like Zaxxon) was design to play just one game with hardware tuned 
for just that task and at cost 25 times higher.

Steve Bjork

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