[Coco] dw 3

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Nov 21 19:19:21 EST 2010

HDBDOS uses DRIVE# to select the equivalent of scsi channels. That means for 
DW3, DRIVE# (where #=0 through 3) selects the virtual disk on the PC. DRIVEON, 
DRIVEOFF, and DRIVEOFF # (where #=0 through 3) turns on and off real floppy 
drives. DRIVEON makes all drives hard or virtual. DRIVEOFF activates the 4 
floppies. DRIVEOFF 1  would make drives 0-1 floppies and 2-255 hard/virtual.

I think you should have DW4 conform to the HDBDOS specs. There is no real 
problem moving disk content from floppies to hard/virtual drives 0-3 if you use 
a higher numbered drive for transfer. For example with floppies on, BACKUP0TO10. 
Turn off the floppies, DRIVEON. Copy drive10 to drive0, BACKUP10TO0. Now the 
content of the floppy is on the first section of the hard/virtual drive.
The same thing works for the other DW drive slots 1-3.

If the problem is shifting content from one DW drive to another, just use a RAM 
disk (512K Coco3) that co-ops say drive3. You would, for example:
In the same fashion, you could use the RAM disk as an intermediate to go from/to 
floppy<->drive0-drive3 on any of the DW slots.

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