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On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 7:11 PM, Darren A <mechacoco at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/20/10, Richard Hawk  wrote:
>> ok i finally was able to copy to a real coco one more question i can not
>> access drive 1,2,3 on the server side,  i type drive on and dir and the
>> drive 0 on the server comes on what ever drive number (drive 3) the drive 0
>> light comes on and flashes'
>> thanks alot man confusing
> ---
> Each drive (or slot) on the DriveWire server represents a virtual hard
> disk that can hold up to 256 virtual floppy disks.  To select a
> specific virtual HD, enter DRIVE #n  where n is 0 to 3 (be sure to
> include the #).
> Once you have selected a virtual HD, you can enter DRIVE n (without
> the #), where n specifies the virtual floppy disk number (0-255)
> within the current virtual HD.

That makes sense.  I never really understood what was going on with
HDBDOS and disks.  I see now that have done some things "wrong" in
drivewire 4.

Right now, if you use it in 'regular' mode, it works like dw3 does.
Disk 0-255 in basic all read sectors from the file mapped into "Drive
0" with an offset of (disk number * 630).

I added a "HDBDOSMode" which will map requests to drive 0 into drives
0-255 based on that same offset, so that you could load individual
.dsk files into the drives rather than have them all in one large
file.  This seemed easier to deal with, especially when you want to
copy between real disks to  .dsk images.  Rather than copy a real
floppy into an offset in a big file, you can copy it directly to it's
own .dsk.

But.. now i see that using DRIVE #, we could also see requests coming
for drive 1-3 (or can you do all the way up to DRIVE #255?).  this
would break my current HDBDOSMode which assumes all requests will be
to/from drive 0 and uses the sector to determine which .dsk to talk

Anyone have an opinion on what the right thing to do here is?  I could
just say "HDBDOSMode only works with DRIVE #0, and that's that".  I
could remove hdbdosmode and say "Drivewire 4 works exactly like
drivewire 3, end of story" (though I think it's handy to be able to
get to individual .dsks).  Or, I could try to do something to make
(DRIVE #x * DISK #y) actually work, but I'm not sure how.


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