[Coco] What would a CoCo successor have to have as a minimum?

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Sun Nov 21 17:24:03 EST 2010

On 22/11/2010 9:03 AM, Theodore (Alex) Evans wrote:

> You can reduce memory contention through a
> number of means. For one thing there is such a thing as dual-port memory.

Which is very, very expensive. You won't be slapping 1/2 Meg of dual-port 
memory on a board, believe me!

> Maybe it is that I see higher resolutions as useful for other things than
> video games.

Perhaps, but you need to design for the worst case. A high resolution screen 
would be handy for developing (editing) and word processing. But even then, 
you might be moving/scolling windows with hundreds of kB of graphics data...


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