[Coco] An answer! was Re: Emulation Bummer Action (or lack thereof)

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sat Nov 20 22:38:18 EST 2010

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> Well, I installed FreeDOS in a virtual machine, figured out how to get a
> copy of the CoCo3 ROM in a format that JV's emulator likes, got
> everything "working," and...
> no dice. :-(

OK, here is an answer, at least on my system. What it means is anybody's guess, 
but it works for me.

My system: WinXP SP3, AMD Athlon 2500+, nVidia 7600 GS, two WD1600JB-00REA0 hard 
drives. One hard drive is FAT32, the second is NTFS. Both WinXP and Win98SE can 
be booted which is the reason for the FAT32 hard drive.

Now here is the kicker! The Collyer JV Coco3 mod is installed on both drives. It 
is not possible to run the emulator on the NTFS drive either directly or with 
DOSBox. It is not possible to run the emulator from the FAT32 drive from Win98SE 
directly but it will run in DOSBox under Win98SE. This may be related to the 
video card because there is no nVidia driver for the 7600 GS under Win98SE. I'm 
using a third party driver.
These results did not make any sense but did give me the idea to try running the 
emulator under WinXP from the FAT32 drive.

The Collyer JV Coco3 emulator runs directly under WinXP from the FAT32 drive! It 
is necessary to have correct autoexec.nt and config.nt files. The only problem I 
have is that synclock is too slow while all other settings are too fast.

So, it looks like this Coco3 emulator can't correctly handle the NTSF disk 
structure. That will cause problems for most WinXP users as they are not likely 
to have retained any FAT32 drives.

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