[Coco] dw 3

Darren A mechacoco at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 17:06:45 EST 2010

On 11/20/10, Richard Hawk  wrote:
> ok the drive on and off work, but i cannot copy from real floppy to server
> or dw3 disk?
> or copy from drive wire 3 floppy to real floppy?

You should be able to do so, but due to an unfortunate design aspect
of HDBDOS, you cannot copy directly to or from the FIRST virtual
floppy in a given DSK file.

If you enter DRIVE OFF 0  you can  BACKUP 0 TO 1 (or 1 TO 0) to copy
between the floppy disk in drive 0 and virtual disk 1 in the dsk file
loaded into the active DriveWire slot.

All of the various drive numbers, virtual disk numbers and DriveWire
slot numbers can be quite confusing.


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