[Coco] Cer-Comp

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Thu Nov 11 23:15:26 EST 2010

Mike Rowen wrote:
> I am interested in the edt/asm package. Actually I'm interested in any
> edt/asm. They don't seem easy to find. I understand I can do the entire
> process on another computer, but I want to learn on the CoCo. All of the
> books are with edtasm as well. That's my primary interest. I want to be
> able to step and watch registers etc.

The Cer-Comp package may not be the best match with code specifically written 
for Tandy's Disk EDTASM. You can get the Tandy version here:

If you want an enhanced version that can handle 6309 code and on a Coco3 use the 
80 column screen, then study this patch for Disk EDTASM:

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