[Coco] Keyboard adapters

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Tue Nov 9 08:18:04 EST 2010

Sorry about that - I didn't notice it was integrated into the machine - The 
1000 that I have uses a normal detacheable keyboard - it's not one of the 
integrated units.

Speaking of which, aren't the 1000's pretty collectible due to their added 
video modes and such?

Anyway, I had a similar project, but I was going to take my White-Case CoCo 
1 and put a CoCo 3 into it, but then I was informed that the white case CoCo 
1's are pretty collectible, so instead I decided to use a grey case CoCo 1 
for the project (of course I'll be painting it white)... I haven't gotten 
around to doing this yet - but it's planned.
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> It won't work on the EX/HX keyboards.  They're built-in and the
> keyboard interface is part of the motherboard.  The keyboard itself
> just has a header similar to the coco keyboard, but with wires.
> On Mon, 8 Nov 2010 19:36:56 -0600, "Little John" <sales at gimechip.com>
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>>The "Puppo" keyboard interface was an XT keyboard interface for the CoCo.
>>There was one on eBay awhile back that ended without bids....
>>The currently available AT keyboard adapters won't work with XT keyboards
>>unless the XT keyboard has the xt/at switch (some did - most didn't)
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>>> Another coco3.com member posted a question that I now am interested in
>>> knowing the answer to. Is there a way to interface an XT keyboard to a
>>> CoCo?
>>> My interest comes from the fact that I just picked up a Tandy 1000 EX
>>> (from
>>> eBay) and am looking at doing another repack project - CoCo3 into the 
>>> 1000
>>> EX case. I'd prefer to use the EX's keyboard, but I know nothing about
>>> it's
>>> construction.
>>> If it's all just micro-switches, I could wire it up - be ugly inside, 
>>> but,
>>> who cares....
>>> Brian
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