[Coco] Any news on the so called CoCo4 or NextCoCo

Frank Swygert farna at att.net
Thu Nov 18 09:41:25 EST 2010

Still two camps -- hardware (FPGA) and software )streamlined emulator/OS 
combined). I'm of the software camp because it would be easier, cheaper, 
and quicker to accomplish. If you bought all new hardware cost would be 
comparable, but even an old Pentium 1I computer can be had for a song 
and would still have the computing power to emulate a CoCo at a 
relatively high speed -- though there's no reason to go so far as a P1 
when even P4 machines are relatively cheap now. And most of us have an 
older board that would be great for this at little to no cost.

What I really advocate is both -- do the streamlined emulator with an 
advanced DECB and use it to develop a higher level Nitros, then put the 
resulting "machine" in an FPGA hardware configuration. Both would be 
compatible software wise, but for those who needed/wanted a compact 
board it could be done. Of course the emulation/OS combo would run 
easily on something like an ITX or embedded Intel board too.

It's the attempt at a "coco4" by Steve b. that's dead. The dream lives 
on!! :-)

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 08:29:28AM -0800, Steve Batson wrote:

> > I know many would love to see a CoCo 4 come into existence, but I 
> thought
> > the project was dead. Says it's dead on coco4.com
> >
> > Is there new info or activity on this, or just more discussion?
> >
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