[Coco] Preserving old CoCo diskettes...

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue May 18 23:24:11 EDT 2010

On Tuesday 18 May 2010, Mark Marlette wrote:
>/X0 is stock DW, open source. Take a peek.
>As far as being slow...
>Provide some benchmarks from your system. The proof is in the
> pudding...results are where the facts are.

First I'd need to get DW working on this linux box, which at the moment has a 
64 bit Mandriva 2010 installed on the drive I'm booting from.  Probably not 
too promising, and after this 'experiment' with 64 bit, I'll be content to 
use 32 bit stuff till my memory fades.  Unforch, I have something on the 
front burner that may tie up my time for the next 6 weeks or so.  We have 
received an STA to raise our power quite a bit and I seem to be the 
designated "walker on water" to see if a used higher powered tx is something 
we can make good use of for the higher ERP.  So I have to drive over and look 
at it, if usable, oversee getting the check delivered and it shipped & then 
play sidewalk super to get it rigged and running here.  It won't be a 3 day 
job by any means.  At 75, I am not the 14 hr/day guy I was at 50 when I first 
came here.

>I know what the numbers are and will be. Then you will rethink your
> statement a bit. :)

I wasn't trying to belittle it at all Mark, I know there is more going on in 
DW than straight to a TC^3 mounted scsi disk.  But, if the baud rate on the 
cable is 230k, then it seems there is about 1.5 times as much executing code 
involved in it.  The cable speed should almost be lost in the noise.  But 
since I haven't looked, I'm just guessing, and obviously doing poorly at it. 


Cheers, Gene
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