[Coco] 25 pin serial to 9 pin serial?

Jeremy Michea jmichea at cogeco.ca
Sat Aug 28 14:11:37 EDT 2010

I checked and the 25 pin ports IS female so I guess that's out. I'll go check on the USB/serial adaptor as well as the add in card. Thanks for your help :)


There are 25 pin serial ports for PCs. If the 25 pin port on the PC has 
actual pins (DB-25 male), its likely a serial port. If its a DB-25 female, 
then I suspect that Sean is correct and you're dealing with a parallel port. 
I just picked up a couple of dual 9 pin serial PCI cards on ebay for about 
$15.00 plus shipping. Alternately, if you have USB on your machine, you can 
purchase a USB / Serial adapter. Its cheaper to get a 9 pin serial card is 
you have the available slot, but both work just fine. 


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