[Coco] OS-9 -modded CCDISK for D/S drives...problem!?

Chad H chadbh74 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 20 22:03:41 EDT 2010

Ok some of you may recall my recent efforts to modify OS-9 to get the
double-sided behavior that NitrOS9 already has.  I had thought I had made a
complete success.  I took OS-9 Level I rev 2.01.00 and ran the documented
"diskfix" script on it to allow it to use double-sided drives.  The 6ms was
still missing so I used the NitrOS9 DMODE to change STP from 03 to 00 and it
sounded like it was fixed.  All reads/writes on the CoCo 2 work great, it
accesses NitrOS9 formatted disks and vice-versa just fine so all disk
operations on the CoCo are great...and so I thought I was good.  That's
until I just tried to image some of my new double-sided disks formatted by
the new OS-9.  The RETRIEVE dos command gets nothing but errors.  I tried
the OS9 dos port utility.  It doesn't recognize the disks either.  At first
I tried different disks and the only thing in common  with the ones that
wouldn't read was that they were formatted by this OS9.  I
reformatted...still no good.  I reformatted under NitrOS9..bam it worked.
There is a caveat I found that will allow me to RETRIEVE a disk image of
these disks.  I have to take a "temporary" disk that was formatted by either
NitrOS9 on the CoCo or by the DISKINI command (/D /T40) on the PC (They both
work very well) and BACKUP the problem disk to that temporary disk on the
CoCo.  Then I'm able to RETRIEVE it just fine and the OS9 dos port utility
works just fine with the physical disk.

Oh and I also tried DMODE'ing back to STP=03 as it was originally with same
results (only the drive is slower and noisier.)  

Question is...what's the difference between the disks??  What did I do
wrong?  Anyone?

- Chad

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>I've given up trying to find a free webhost that doesn't have there 
>heads firmly planted up there collective asses.

I'll give you embedded pages on my site if you like.

I'm also trying to interface with the VCC emulator from my IDE so if 
you can let a .dsk can be mounted automatically when a command line 
is used like: vcc some.dsk   this will be a great for IDE users who 
want to see their stuff run while developing.

~ Roger Taylor

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