[Coco] OS-9 DS floppy config - SUCCESS!

Willard Goosey goosey at virgo.sdc.org
Mon Aug 9 00:45:11 EDT 2010

On Mon, Aug 09, 2010 at 11:47:15AM +1000, Bob Devries wrote:
> Hi all,
> for anyone who is interested, I found the original patch file to modify 
> CCDISK from the Level 1 V2.0.0 distribution to read/write/format 
> double-sided disks. It was featured in The Rainbow October 1988, pp 156. I 
> don't have that issue now, so I can't say who wrote it (unless I download 
> it from maltedmedia)

Steve Goldberg wrote it.  Also a patch to format dd disks under LI in
the same issue:

*Patches the format utility to
* permit formatting single sided
* disks on double sided drives and
* provides for a choice of number
* of track.  Use * (asterick) as an
* option for single sided formatting
* Use number of tracks in pareneses
* as option to change track count.
load format
. .+1a3
. .+4
. .+1
. .+a85
del -x format
save /d0/cmds/format format
unlink format

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