[Coco] Drive Pak and Deluxe Wireless Pak boards on ebay

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Fri Aug 20 15:55:48 EDT 2010

To help push out pending orders, I've made some of my pak boards 
available on ebay.  If you've got the will to solder and can round up 
the components for the boards you can build a Deluxe Wireless Serial 
Pak (or wired) and a MicroSD Drive Pak.  Both are fairly simple 
projects where 90% of the work is just soldering all the 
connections.  This isn't surface mount, so anybody can solder using a 
regular soldering iron.  The Drive Pak board actually describes on 
the silkscreen the exact parts needed, right over each part.  I did 
this for kit sales which I offer from time to time.

Drive Pak board

Serial Pak board

~ Roger Taylor

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