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 I love the new changes. Yes the story behind the game with Nick and I at the time. I was going to attend a actual coco fest but couldn't afford to because I had to replace my roof on the house. It was also tornado season in Southern Indiana. So Nick, being his normal halarious self, thought of a game. It would be me trying to outrun tornados on the way to a cocofest. On the way I would rescue coco equipment to deliver to the fest. It was halarious and some ideas even came up for a frogger style version of that saga. Or a pacman version of that story line. After consulting with the allmighty Sockmaster it was determined it would be damn near imppossible to that style of a game. So later on down the road Roger came up with the brilliant Idea of Mary and the Butterflies and brought it to life! Perhaps I can record a soundbite of me screaming now, so that when I get stung in the rear I actually scream. Or a soundbite of me singing the smurfs tune..... la la lalalalala la la la! 

Love the updated version and really hope everyone gives it a try. It is kinda addicting.

Mary Kramer



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> The story behind "Mary and the Butterflies" starts during a 

It's a fun little game.  But I fear the secret insecticon level... ;-)

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