[Coco] To Steve Bjork..

Steve Bjork 6809er at bjork-huffman.net
Sat Sep 26 18:41:51 EDT 2009


Don't you think you need to pull the email address off of those messages?
While most of the email address are no longer good, but there are a few 
good email addresses that you feeding to spammers!

Please all those email addresses out of the databases at once!
Also pull the tag lines like "In-Reply-To:" and "Message-ID:" 

Steve Bjork

Roger Taylor wrote:
> Steve,
> I just imported another chunk of old messages into coco3.com.  This 
> time almost 2,000 1986 Delphi messages (and nowhere near done yet), 
> and just quickly I tried to Search for '6809er' and came up with all 
> kinds of posts from way back then.
> You wanted your CoCo Forum posts back.. and I went even further and am 
> bringing everybody's stuff back from as far back as when Ronald Reagan 
> was bobbing his head at the people.
> This is more than a walk down memory lane.  This stuff is from The 
> Day, and LOTS of it.  Where do I even begin to start reading.  Simply 
> put - there's no way it can all be read.  So use the Search Bar or 
> just jump to a favorite Month/Year in CoCo history and maybe you can 
> make it through all those with one pot of coffee.
> Good stuff, and good times.
> here's one post you made with a few replies
> http://www.coco3.com/community/1986/06/re-your-page-to-me-re-msg-8906/

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