[Coco] Delphi CoCo SIG first thread

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Fri Sep 25 23:54:33 EDT 2009

At 07:32 PM 9/25/2009, you wrote:
>Roger Taylor wrote:
>>Lookie what I found... the first posts ever on the Delphi CoCo 
>>SIG.  I see Lonnie Falk has a reply in there.
>>Does anybody remember posting these messages?  I've come across a 
>>lot of mine that I'd swear were from my evil twin, but not me.  :)
>Nice work, Roger. I hope you take good backups of this :)

Yep, I've got it covered.  My entire hosting account is backed up 
regularly, and the WordPress export file is saved locally as 
well.  The thing is, the more archives I add, the larger the backup is.  :)

What I'd like to see but probably won't is the old TRS-80 Color 
Computer Home Page articles.  I remember it being a very active site, 
possibly running an early version of PHP-Nuke.  I managed to grab one 
of the links pages from the WayBack machine site, though.  Those 
posts might be lost forever.

I've still got Compuserve stuff to add, too.
I'm probably 5% done at this point, so hang in there.

~ Roger Taylor

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