[Coco] Delphi CoCo SIG first thread

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Fri Sep 25 20:05:37 EDT 2009

I'm pretty sure the missing messages were deleted by SIG staff.  I think I
deleted some of them myself.  Although I was not an "official" staff member,
certain flags were set on my account by Jim Reed (the Rainbow editor that
managed the SIG) that enabled me to delete messages or move them to a
"Manager's" section that only staff could see.  The deleted ones were mostly
very old ones that were purged for housekeeping reasons, since it was judged
that their content would no longer be of any interest.  So, I would say the
historical record is little the worse for lack of these.

You'll notice that the first message has "and hello again, Art Flexser!"
inserted into the the first line of Jim's welcome to new members.  You can
tell this was added after the fact, since it is the only thing in the
message that has lowercase letters.  How this came about is a pretty funny
story.  In reading messages on the SIG, I would frequently type a minus sign
to redisplay the current message.  But I had a tendency to hit the zero key
adjacent to the minus sign occasionally, which had the annoying effect of
sending me back to the first message on the SIG.  I once mentioned to Jim
that I had seen his initial wecome message umpteen times due to this typo
that I tended to make.  The next time I made the typo, I fell over laughing,
because there was Jim's personal greeting to me in the first line of his
years-old welcome message!


On 9/25/09, Roger Taylor <operator at coco3.com> wrote:
> Lookie what I found... the first posts ever on the Delphi CoCo SIG.  I see
> Lonnie Falk has a reply in there.
> Does anybody remember posting these messages?  I've come across a lot of
> mine that I'd swear were from my evil twin, but not me.  :)
> http://www.coco3.com/community/1985/08/greetings-3/
> Sadly, a lot of the Delphi messages are plumb missing from the archives.
>  Some of the first posts ever show to be replies to earlier posts (that
> don't exist), so I'm wondering if Delphi did a purge at one point or
> people's messages were deleted when their accounts went inactive?  A lot of
> threads are broken because the original message is missing.  This generally
> calls a thread to be restored with the 1st reply becoming the new parent,
> but we'll see how this works as I import the rest.
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