[Coco] questions about constants

William Astle lost at l-w.ca
Sun Sep 13 19:47:57 EDT 2009

Wayne Campbell wrote:
> If it is read sequentially at the beginning, then I need to understand why the order of the rmb's at the beginning of the decompile are in a different order from the header file.

I think you're a bit confused about what a header file actually is. A 
header file is merely a sequence of definitions which DOES NOT generate 
any output whatsoever. Usually, a header file simply defines constants 
and possibly memory locations for use by the program including the file.

All files are read sequentially from start to finish by the assembler. 
The contents of a header file should not ever appear in the assembled 
binary. If a header causes anything to appear in the output, it is not, 
technically, a header file.

For instance, a header file might look something like so:

	ORG 0

and so on. All that does is define TOKEN1 as 0, TOKEN2 as 1, and TOKEN3 
as 2. None of that will appear in the output file, however.

William Astle
lost at l-w.ca

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