[Coco] Archive volunteers?

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sat Sep 12 18:27:54 EDT 2009

At 03:28 PM 9/12/2009, you wrote:
>(sent off list)
>Hi Roger,
>I'm happy to help, just let me know which data set you'd like me to
>convert and where I can grab it.
>No need to send any goodies, I already bought an archive DVD :)
>On another note, can your RS232 pack be modified to use a standard
>serial port instead of the bluetooth?  I've been interested in the
>device but honestly regular serial would be more useful to me.

Yes, the pak can be customized quite a bit.  I just ran a $20 kit 
deal at http://www.coco3.com/community/products/ which will allow me 
to throw 90% of the parts in a pack and rush it out a lot quicker 
than the built and tested pak product.  You can add your own EB301 
bluetooth module and make it a wireless pak just by plugging in the 
module, or plug your own gadget into the signal header.. namely a 
level converter or perhaps plug in box that does something using the 
TTL signals.  A lot is possible here.

Then there's just the bare board if somebody wants to fire up their 
soldering iron and dig through their parts stash... $8 in a padded 
envelope, I pay postage, and it's yours.
To those interested just put a comment in the PayPal form - bare 
RS232 board... $8 to payment at coco3.com.  This is probably the 
quickest item I can get out in the same day due to no overhead.

I will post the schematics to the RS-232 Pak on coco3.com this weekend.

To all other pending orders: please be patient.. my soldering iron is 
hot as I speak and I've got the table top quite messy.  Your pak and 
DVD is Coming Soon.

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