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Brian Blake random_rodder at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 12 10:08:05 EDT 2009

I agree. I love the new format. Much easier for everyone to contribute to articles and such. 

Great job, Roger and everyone helping him restore the old info!!!!


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On Sep 11, 2009, at 4:59 AM, Rogelio Perea <os9dude at gmail.com> wrote:

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 11:26 PM, Roger Taylor <operator at coco3.com> wrote:

Hear Ye Hear Ye,

The 2004-2007 CoCo Forums have been..... REBORN

Give Lothan a huge round of applause for cranking out the conversion tool
and turning the 2004-2007 CoCo Forums into a WordPress import file.  You can
clearly see that 3 years of posts and comments are fully recovered and now
exist in the article system.

Awesome work Roger & supporting cast :-)

-- Rogelio

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