[Coco] CoCo history roundup project

Dean Leiber adit at nationsdial.com
Thu Sep 10 00:02:03 EDT 2009

On Sep 9, 2009, at 8:22 PM, Roger Taylor wrote:

> I have:
> 1990 - 1996 Compuserve CoCo posts (but where is prior to 1990 ?)
> 2003 - 2009 mailing list posts (this list)
> Princeton mailing list posts (but where are they now?)


In the CoCo/OS-9 Archive I have some FIDO  and Delphi posts as well  
as Princeton posts from 91-04. How complete anything is anyone's  
guess but I have a little of everything here (one of the purposes of  
the archive). Anybody have any StG SIG or other CoCo BBS message  
bases out there? In any case, let me know what you want.


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