[Coco] Emulator

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 8 13:58:26 EDT 2009

I know these things. The problem I'm running into with Basic09 is that it won't execute anything if the memory allocation is greater than 23K. It gives me 43 (unknown procedure) errors. I had the same problem with DCom originally, but it didn't start happening until I reached 36-38K of ram allocation. That was why I made DCom in "parts" and loaded each "part" separately.


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There are two ways to start Basic09 with more than the default amount of memory. You can use the MEM command from Basic09 which is limited to 32K or you can start Basic09 by "basic09 #nmk" where nm can be up to 40.
I just entered "basic09 #40k" and MEM responded with 40959.

I don't get errors when using Basic09 with the above amount of memory.


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