[Coco] Emulator

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 7 15:25:01 EDT 2009


Well, that is the question.  I suspect its just a difference in
Nitros9 and would behave the same on a real coco, but I'd hate to find
out otherwise as I am doing a project mostly under MESS and don't want
to find out down the road than it won't work on real hardware.  I do
have a coco here that I use for testing now and then, so far I haven't
seen any differences.  If you want to send me some files, I'd be happy
to try a procedure on real hardware and let you know if it behaves

So far, unpack is loading and running in 23K of workspace. I'm not sure how much more code I will be adding to it, but I'm suspecting that the resulting packed program will run easily in the 40K available. I'll know more as I get more code written.

DCom4 will be the one. It is going to be designed to give you an interface that allows you to make modifications to the source output from unpack. Because it will be loading the data from the files generated by unpack into memory buffers, I will be needing to see how it operates on the original hardware. I'm still a distance away from DCom4. I'll let you know. Also, I am documenting everything I learn about how Basic09 creates and interprets I-Code. As I learn more, I am able to figure out a few tricks that reduce size and increase speed. I am also learning the limitations of I-Code. I am finding that certain kinds of data cannot be passed as a parameter without problems. In particular, record fields. It seems that passing a field as a parameter does not work the way I thought it should.



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