[Coco] Basic09 source code viewing

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 7 12:31:51 EDT 2009

OK. I see that links are stripped out. The url to the image I was trying to display is:


From: Wayne Campbell <asa.rand at yahoo.com>
To: coco at maltedmedia.com
Sent: Sunday, September 6, 2009 4:23:22 PM
Subject: [Coco] Basic09 source code viewing

I got used to NetScape Navigator's view source window a long time ago. I always wanted to be able to view Basic09 source in a similar fashion. I have created a syntax file for, and document class in, textpad. If you use textpad, you can create the document class, and install the B09.syn syntax file and you will see this:


If anyone here uses textpad, and wants to see their source this way, email me and I'll send you the archive. It contains the B09.syn syntax file, and a pdf instruction doc to help you install it and modify it.



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