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Phill Harvey-Smith afra at aurigae.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 6 09:14:45 EDT 2009

Aaron Wolfe wrote:
> Could you elaborate on exactly what is wrong with MESS?  Have you 
> submitted bug reports (or better yet patches to fix the problems) to 
> the developers?  I don't know the team behind MESS, but the open 
> source projects I do work with always welcome such things.  if there 
> is a indeed bug that has been fixed but regressed, correcting the 
> problem is often quite simple once it is identified.

Well, there's at leat one person on here who has done a reasonable 
amount of work on the CoCo/Dragon driver.........

Yeah the MESS people are more than happy to take submissions, though I 
have occasionally found it hard to get the MAME team to accept 
submissions to the common parts, due to the fact that it could break 
multiple othert drivers. ***

> Even if MESS was 50% broken, it would be 50% more complete than some 
> new emulator.   Rather than fragment a small community, I think the 
> best results will come from rallying behind existing solutions.

Hear Hear.

*** The case in point was the code for the 6821, which at the time 
hadled both port A and port B identically. I had a hard time convincing 
them that the default behavior for port A is that it has internal to the 
chip pullup resistors, which are active in both output and input 
modes... despite pointing them at the Motorola datasheet !



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