[Coco] Dennis - you are not the only ones

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at yahoo.com
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I am using Yahoo. I was unsubscribed from this list due to too many bounces. I know that Yahoo is in the process of making many changes to their email handling, so that may be part of the problem. For me, it's enough that Microsoft owns Yahoo. To me, that's all the explanation necessary when it comes to "Why is <insert problem here> happening?".


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This was in a weekly newsletter I received around midnight on the 3rd.


DELIVERY PROBLEMS  We are still having problems with delivery of
the e-magazine to Yahoo! addresses worldwide. For many subscribers
e-mails are either arriving days late or not at all. We are sorry
about this, but the matter is outside our control and we have as
yet been unable to resolve it even after sustained and continuing
effort. If you're affected we can only suggest that you temporarily
subscribe from a different e-mail address or change to reading the
RSS version, which also links to the formatted HTML one. See the
link in Section A below.

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