[Coco] coco3.com changes and new EPROM Pak board

Diego Barizo diegoba at adinet.com.uy
Wed Sep 2 17:26:51 EDT 2009

Roger Taylor wrote:
> coco3.com will be moving away from the PHP-Nuke disaster content 
> system to a better system that's in use by many commercial and 
> professional sites. The gallery and forum section are integrated with 
> PHP-Nuke, so I have to find a way to deal with this.
> The new system has blog features that may double as a "forum" section 
> depending on your perspective. I encourage all to try out the blog 
> posting/commenting features and see if this could possibly replace the 
> forum system.
> To make the site more efficient and quicker I'll also be reducing the 
> amount of hogging graphics where they're not necessary.
> There'll also be a Downloads section of files that I upload myself, 
> including Books and Manuals, etc.
> The idea is to keep all the content we have now but host it from a 
> much better framework/CMS. Work, yes. Again, the move to the new 
> system is far from complete, so this sneak peek might look pretty bare 
> right now.
> You'll also notice that I'm now selling a socketed 27xx series EPROM 
> Pak boards with auto-start jumper. Very nice. In fact, this is the 
> Deluxe Wireless RS-232 Pak board without those components.
> http://www.coco3.com/community/
> I haven't verified how the sign-up process works, so feel free to give 
> it a try and inform me of any issues?
> Roger Taylor
Hello Roger.
I like what I can see of the new look, but when I try to sign in, I get 
"Invalid Username".
I checked the information entering it manually in the main coco3 page 
and works OK.
May be is better if we are forced to create new accounts to make sure 
that no security leaks are carried over from the old site?


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