[Coco] to Darren Atkinson and Ron Bihler, Thank You

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sat Sep 12 20:37:17 EDT 2009

To all interested, here are some Deluxe Wireless RS-232 Pak files you 
might find very useful.

I've posted enough info on the 6551/RS-232 Pak for experimenters to 
take the kit version and have their way with it, making a wireless 
version or wired using the header signals.  Have fun!


I also want to take the time to thank Darren Atkinson for playing a 
HUGE part in the development of the wireless pak.  After much 
tweaking, debating, and thinking ahead, things somehow came together 
in the end to what is considered a perfect layout for the size it had 
to fit in.  I'm sure he can confirm, it didn't just happen overnight 
or by a one shot run.

One thing that did magically happened without either one of us really 
knowing or considering it was the signal header that the BT module 
plugs into, can be rotated 180 degrees to match the outside of the 
case flush (if a hole is cut), making a nice experimenters/wired pak 
that brings the signals outside of the case.  The BT module can also 
be plugged into the header that way to give even longer range, but I 
felt that damage might occur by accident and I'd get the blame for 
putting out a crappy wireless version.  Instead, the module fits snug 
inside the case on top of other components.

The CASE to this pak was designed by Ron Bihler with the help of me 
working overtime matching the at-the-time progressing and changing 
board shape and size to what Ron was also tweaking with based on my 
specs.  Both the case and board designs kept changing and I had to 
orchestrate a perfect match based on the limitations or abilities of 
both Darren and Ron, and myself.

The result ?  In the end, after $300+ worth of TEST boards were 
ordered which failed to be perfect, Ron's Pak case and the pak board 
snapped together LIKE A GLOVE.  There was no way it could get any 
snugger or a perfect fit.  I don't smoke cigars, but I felt like 
lighting one up when that last order of 100 boards came in with me 
Not Really Knowing For *Sure* they would match perfectly.  I mean, 
the PCB company screwed up on the test boards because they weren't 
production runs.   It was a nervous time waiting on the final boards.

Somehow, some way, with a lot of man hours and dedication, a "simple" 
Wireless RS-232 Pak was all fitted together perfectly from the first 
screw to the snapping/thud sound you get when it's inserted.

I'm proud to have played a part in the development of this excellent 
6551 solution pak and give much thanks to everyone who contributed, 
especially Darren Atkinson and Ron Bihler !!

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