[Coco] CoCo history roundup project

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Wed Sep 9 23:22:47 EDT 2009

You might find this interesting, before or after it's done.

The project is underway to blog-ify every possible CoCo web posting 
to date, before Google gets it all and owns us.  I understand that 
Google or Yahoo already host some of "our" message archives?

But who deletes all this stuff the big dogs "aquire"?  Surely it's 
still all out there on some server or web page free to view or download.

Most of the data I've found is in simple ASCII format that I can 
process by reading simple headers, and then build xml import files 
fairly easily.  I'm not that good with processing the SQL query files 
from my past forums so thankfully Lothan has given some time to crank 
out what is looking like a sure-thing to bring back 4,000 to 5,000 
CoCo Forum messages from 2004 to 2009.

To Steve Bjork and the others who lost posts... I won't let you down. 
I'll get it all back for us... just give me some time.  By Christmas 
I should have a breathtaking CoCo archive at your fingertips.

The goal is to have a place you can drop into without even logging 
in, and just start clicking away and searching CoCo categories and 
posts/comments posted as far back as 1984, for example.

The bad part... those damn ALL CAPS messages we used to enjoy... what 
to do with those...  maybe for historical purposes they should stay as-is.

I have:
1990 - 1996 Compuserve CoCo posts (but where is prior to 1990 ?)
2003 - 2009 mailing list posts (this list)
Princeton mailing list posts (but where are they now?)

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