[Coco] 3 years of CoCo Forum posts

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Wed Sep 9 00:00:24 EDT 2009

Good news.  It looks like the original popular CoCo Forums online 
from 2004 to 2007 is nearing a translated format that's compatible 
with the WordPress importer.

The intended result?  The CoCo Forums turned into blog 
posts/comments.  From there, we can make things look like a forum, 
more or less, but the important thing here is preserving those "lost" 
posts, even for the 2007-2009 forums currently in use.  Everything 
will be merged into one new system in one format, and from there it 
can be exported to many other systems, making our CoCo forum posts 
last forever......

I just imported a test message in xml format and also keep getting 
the updated forum xml file from Lothan, who's deserves red carpet 
status for taking the time to help with this project.  So far he's 
done most of the work crunching the SQL data into XML.  Later 
there'll be sorting and reassigning author's their posts back in the 
new site, if they kept their nickname across the different coco3.com 
upgrades.  Work work work.

Thanks, Lothan!!
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