[Coco] FD-50X series power supplies

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Oct 29 13:46:00 EDT 2009

On Thursday 29 October 2009, Chad H wrote:
>Well the replacement candidate PSU units I found are not the originals,
> they aren't even old they're brand new.  I wouldn't even know where to
> begin looking for those originals.
>I'm running the original FD-502 Drive 0 plus a 2nd 5.25 360k drive pulled
>from old PC-XT and installed a small 12vdc cooling fan just to be safe so I
>believe I'm running what the power supply was intended for.  I was just
>wondering about the minimum power requirements for this setup.  A
>car/truck's 12vdc system would supply way more than enough power (but what
>about the 5vdc?) I just want to make sure the replacement is rated at
> enough amps to run the dual floppy+fan setup.  The PSU unit's I'm looking
> at are designed for PC 4-pin Molex power applications  (Same hookup as the
> PC-XT drive, would just have to match wiring for the original 502 drive
> with mini "3.5 floppy" type connector.)
>Here are 2 candidates I'm looking at right now.
>Internal?  Trying to find out size dimensions on these.
>A DME:X:RTQ:US:1123
If it wasn't for the handling, thats a great price, and it could be hidden in 
a small box on top of the drive case as long as the fan could cool both 

>External.. http://www.svc.com/pa-ad-ul.html

So is this, at $10 a drive, the obvious choice.  The only problem is that the 
whole world is being inundated by wall warts and 3 foot strips to power them.

Cheers, Gene
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