[Coco] [Color Computer] Multi-paks, CoCo II's, accy's, Software, speech pak's need homes

trurotroll peteroswanson at cs.com
Thu Oct 8 21:50:30 EDT 2009

Hello Vacuumboy1, random_rodder, badfrog, dan, tjseagrove, fiscap0768
  Yikes!  Four fast responses to my post about the CoCo gear...
Well, I have to lean toward someone who can pick up the lot, as I'm short on time (move out has to be early November.  I'm only looking for something like $75 for the whole batch of stuff (but that's assuming that the gear gets picked up in Marshfield, MA.
  Marshfield is about 50 minutes (35 miles) south of Boston.
Maybe one of you more local folks could take the whole batch and then part out the things you don't need to the other interested folks (make your own arrangements/deals.  
I haven't the time (sorry) to do a lot of UPS trips - I wish I could, but this house sale came up suddenly. 
  I'll try to do a more specific inventory -but the original post hits the highlights.  There's also a hi-res joystick adapter, an RS-232 pak (Radio Shack) an RGB monitor for the CoCo3(which 'sort of' works) and an RS serial printer (working last time plugged in (several years ago).  It's all part of the batch.  I just have to unearth it all from my workshop.
  One thing maybe one of you folks could help me with.  I'd love to get my hands on CoCo emulator software to run on an MS/DOS or Windows machine so I could read some of my old word processing files (Elite Word).  Beyond that, life is easy...

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> I'll take it!!!! How much 4 shiiping?

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