[Coco] Booting OS9 from Drive 1

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>I am having a problem being able to boot OS-9 in the following configuration. I have an FD-502 Drive housing with a 3.5" and a 5.25" drive. My 3.5" drive is set as drive 0 and my 5.25" is set as drive 1. I have some old 5.25" OS-9 based disks that need to boot using the DOS command. I switch to drive1 and then type DOS. It starts to load OS-9, goes to the Loading OS-9 Screen but will then automatically switch to drive 0 trying to access the boot data on drive 0 and not boot from the 5.25" disk in drive 1. I have tried using the drive1 command to set it as the boot drive but no luck.
>Is there an easy way to make it so I can boot off drive 1 and uses these old 5.25" OS-9 disks without having to make a backup on to a 3.5" drive for each disk I want to boot?

One way is modify your drive setup.  Install a double pole-double
throw switch on the drive select jumpers on the two drives to swap
them as needed.

I will attest that this is indeed the most flexible method and well worth the minor effort of installing a switch. I even took the extra step to install a side-select switch (requires an inverter), so I could boot from either side of either drive. No byte-level disk patching required.



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